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Busisness Calendar and how to establish and edit “working days and holidays
Busisness Calendar and how to establish and edit “working days and holidays
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In this submodule you can establish which days are work days at the company so that if you have maintenance scheduled on a non-work day, the system will automatically reprogram the activity for the next work day.

How to establish working days?

To establish working days on your Fracttal database, just click on the “Working Days” category. Once you have established which days are work days, click on “Save.”

How to add holidays?

To add holidays, just click on the add button at the lower right of the screen.

A new window will open that allows you to fill in the description and date of the holiday you want to add. You can also indicate if the holiday is a work day and if it is recurring. Once you’ve added the information about the holiday, click on “Save” to finish the process on the database.

The fields to complete are the following:

  • Description: Name of the holiday

  • Date: Holiday date

  • Working day: Specify whether or not this is a work day

  • Recurrent: Determine if the holiday is recurring. That is, if the day applies to future years. (Example: Christmas is celebrated on the same date every year.)

How to edit holidays?

To edit an already existing holiday, select the day you want to modify and the system will show the options to modify or delete it. Once the change has been made, click on the “Save” button to finalize it.

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