General Module
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In this submodule you’ll be able to register the basic information about your company, such as:

  • Code: Your company’s fiscal identifier.

  • Name: The name of your company

  • Email: The main email address for your company.

  • Currency: The main currency that your company uses to carry out transactions.

  • Address, City, Province/State/Region, Country, Zip Code: Your company’s main address.

  • Latitude, Longitude: Your company’s geolocation (Google Maps can also be used as your company’s geolocation).

  • Primary Phone, Secondary Phone, Text Phone: Telephone numbers associated with your company.

  • Language for mail delivery: Predetermined main language of your database. You can choose from three available options (English (USA), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)). It’s important to define the language because the notifications sent by the platform and the language that they’re in can vary according to the language you choose in this submodule.

  • Valuation of Stocks: How the total costs of the items in your warehouses are weighed and calculated.

  • Web Site: Your company’s web page.

  • Logo: Logotype or image that represents your company. This image will be shown in all the documents printed from the system (such as work orders, asset profiles, purchase orders, etc).

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