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How to assign or link a inhouse personnel to a task through teams
How to assign or link a inhouse personnel to a task through teams
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When the Teams schedules have been activated and linked in the inhouse personnel user profiles, the only thing left is for users to be assigned as resources to a task.

To do this, once a WO has been generated (either planned or unplanned), go to the resources submodule and click on the add option.

A window will open to configure the resource that you want to add. In this case, select “inhouse personnel” as the type of resource.

Then select the specific user profile and name that you want to add as a resource. Note that the inhouse personnel that have a linked teams schedule will give you the option to preview their schedules in calendar format.

After selecting the inhouse personnel, establish the actual date and time when they will perform the activity.

After adding the remaining parameters and clicking save, there will be the option to view the activity assigned to the inhouse personnel in calendar format according to the established date and time.

Note: Take into consideration that assigning and visualizing teams schedules only applies to those users who are added as resources to tasks. The people responsible for WOs are excluded (if the person responsible for the WO is the person executing the task, they should be added as the inhouse personnel to the task in question).

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