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How to associate an inhouse personnel to a teams schedule
How to associate an inhouse personnel to a teams schedule
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Once you have established the hours associated with the teams function, just go to the inhouse personnel catalog module and select the profile of the person you want to link the teams function to.

Once you’ve entered the profile of the user in question, click on the “Teams” submodule.

In this submodule, you will find the following options:

  • Schedules: Option where you can establish the time zone (according to where the person is), together with different teams schedules that can be linked to the user profile.

  • Out of Office: Option where you can establish out of office times so that those times are unavailable and blocked.

  • Documents: Option where you can add restrictions or unavailability according to the validity of the documentation associated with the inhouse personnel.

Once the time zone for the inhouse personnel profile has been established and saved, select the associated teams schedule. To do this, click on the add option and then select the corresponding schedule.

Lastly, click on save and verify that the teams schedule is enabled.

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