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Fracttal Teams and how to create and configure a schedule
Fracttal Teams and how to create and configure a schedule
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Fracttal Teams

This function allows planners to have more control regarding assigning and distributing work hours that are established as inhouse personnel added to a work order (technical staff).

How to create and configure a team schedule

To start using Fracttal Teams, the first thing to do is create the schedules associated with the function. To do this, go to the Configuration-Auxiliary Catalogs module.

Then select the “inhouse personnel” option as a type of auxiliary catalog and click on the “Schedule” tab.

Then click on the add symbol to open a new window where you can establish the parameters of the schedule.

Described below are the configurable parameters to establish a new schedule:

  • Enable: Option that allows you to activate or deactivate the schedule in question.

  • Description: Name that identifies the schedule to be created.

  • Type of schedule: Option that allows you to establish the type of schedule (currently there is only one option).

  • Work days: Option that allows you to choose the work days associated with the calendar.

  • Calendar: Option that allows you to visualize in calendar format the time range established for the schedule.

  • Add: Option that allows you to add the different blocks of hours associated with the schedule in question.

Once the parameters are completed for configuring the schedule, then add the associated blocks of hours. To do this, click on the add option.

A new window will open where you can fill in the name, start time and end time for the block.

Once the parameters and blocks have been added, just click on the save option.

Note: This procedure for adding new teams schedules can be done in the same way from the “inhouse personnel-Teams” module.

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