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This module allows the user to manage all their maintenance activities, both planned and unplanned, through the issuing and monitoring of work orders.

The Work Orders module can be accessed from the Main Menu under “Work Management – Work Orders”

When entering this module, you will find 3 main tabs (Kanban, Calendar, Work Queues).

  • View Kanban: In this view, you can easily visualize the flow and stages in which a task can be found when managed in a work order.

  • Calendar: Calendar view, where you can view each of the tasks with their respective status and duration times.

  • List View: A list view of the detailed information corresponding to pending tasks (work queues) and work orders.

Kanban view

Here you will find the different statuses in which a work order can be found, which are mentioned below:

  • Work Queues: Previous status of a task before being executed as a works order.

  • Work Order Process (In Process): Initial stage of a work order that has already been assigned to a technician and its execution is in process.

  • Work Order in Review: Stage in which the work order has already been executed and is in the review process before being finalized.

  • Closed Work Orders (Finished): Last stage in which the work order is considered finished. This process is irreversible since once it is finished, the system generates the next schedule for the said task and the associated management indicators are calculated.

Calendar view

A Calendar view, where each of the work orders can be viewed with their respective scheduled date, status and duration times, depending on the selected calendar option. In addition, you can reschedule and manage both tasks and works orders from this same view.

List View (Work Queues/Work Orders)

A list view of all the detailed information corresponding to pending tasks (work queues) and work orders.

The List View has 2 tabs namely:

· Work Orders: A list view displaying all the current and historical information regarding work orders. Work orders can be opened and edited from this view.

· Work Queues: A list view of all the active and historical planned maintenance work orders. Note, that planned maintenance work orders can be generated and edited from this view.

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