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How to share and import task plans?
How to share and import task plans?
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To share a planned maintenance task plan:

1. Open the “Planned Maintenance” tab.

Note: Once the import code has been copied, it should only be entered into the other Fracttal database where you want to import the task plan to.

2. Select the task plan you wish to share.

3. Open the additional options menu.

4. In the additional options menu, select the "Share task plan" option.

5. The system will generate an “import code” that can be shared with different Fracttal database users.

6. Click “Copy Code” to download and save the import code (Note, a copy of the import code will be sent to the user’s email address)

Importing a Planned Maintenance Task Plan

To import a Planned Maintenance Task plan:

1. In another Fracttal database, open the Planned Maintenance module and under the additional options menu select "Import shared plan".

2. Next, enter the shared plan import code in the space provided

3. Finally, Click “Import Shared Plan” to import the planned maintenance task plan to the new database.

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