1. In the Planned Maintenance Module, select the “More” button found in the top right-hand side of the screen

2. Clicking the More button will open a dropdown tab showing all the available addition options (each option and its function is explained in detail below)

The Additional Options function has the following options:

  • Print: An option that generates the selected task plan in PDF format so that it can be printed or saved.

  • Export: An option that allows you to export the task plan table in an Excel template according to the selected plans.

  • Bulk Export data: An option that allows you to bulk export the entire task plan table to an Excel template.

  • Clone Planned Maintenance: An option that allows you to clone the selected task plan (all the information contained in the task plan is cloned, without linking any asset to the plan).

  • Share task plan: An option that allows you to share the task plan through the generation of a code that can be imported into another database or Fracttal account.

  • Import shared plan: An option that allows the import of task plans through import codes.

  • Update Costs: An option that allows updating the costs associated with the task plans that are later used in the business intelligence module.

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