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How to configure your resources by iteration?
How to configure your resources by iteration?
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Just as subtasks can be established by iterations, it is also possible to define which resources will be used according to each iteration.

To add resources based on iterations, ensure that there is at least one resource added to the task plan as normal.

1. In the Planned Maintenance task window, open the “Work Management” tab

2. Select the task plan you want to edit

3. Click the “Edit” button

4. In the edit window, open the “Resources” tab

5. Select the resource to edit

6. Click the “Edit” button

Then, upon selecting the added resource (it can be an inventory, Inhouse Personnel or service type) an editing bar will be enabled.

7. Select the specific iteration to which the resource applies as illustrated below.

8. Click the “Save” button to register the changes

The specific resource in now configured as an Iteration.

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