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How to link meters to a planned maintenance?
How to link meters to a planned maintenance?
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If a task plan has meter reading triggers, the meters must be linked to each associated asset.

To do this:

1. In the Planned Maintenance module, Select the specific Maintenance Plan you want to adjust.

2. Once selected, click the “Edit” button

3. Click on the “Assets linked” tab to identify which assets is linked to this specific maintenance plan.

4. Click on the asset

5. Then click on edit.

6. When you click on edit, a new window will open in which all the task configuration tabs will appear (Calendars, Triggers, Subtasks, Iterations). Select the “Tiggers” tab.

7. In the triggers tab, select the meter you want to configure.

8. Fill in the name/description of the meter

9. Click “Save” to register the changes

The meter is now linked to the asset

Please note! For the meter to be activated you need to create it as a trigger under the “Work Management” tab and load a subtask specifically for taking meter readings.

Creating a meter in a Task Plan

1. Create a trigger for meter reading

2. Under work Subtask create a task for taking meter readings

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