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How to set the date of the latest maintenance for the triggers by date?
How to set the date of the latest maintenance for the triggers by date?
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This option allows the user to independently establish the next activation dates for each of the tasks associated with a maintenance plan. It’s based on the dates on which the same maintenance task of the asset in question was last carried out.

To do this:

1. Enter the "Work Management-Planned Maintenance" tab.

2. Open the specific Maintenance Plan you want to adjust.

3. In the planned maintenance edit window, click on the “Assets linked” tab to identify which assets is linked to this specific maintenance plan.

4. Select the asset,

5. Click the “Edit” button.

6. When you click on edit, a new window will open in which all the task configuration tabs will appear (Calendars, Triggers, Subtasks, Iterations). Select the “Calendar” tab where all tasks with the trigger will be displayed by date.

7. Then, select only the task in question

8. The system displays a window where you can modify the date of the last maintenance and the date of the next activation for the task.

9. Finally, after making the modification, click on the "Save" button to register the changes in the system.

Note: It is important to mention that the configuration and modification of the “Last WO Date” field can only be carried out if the asset recently linked to the plan does not have a work order associated with the task to be modified, as the next execution will be governed by the maintenance carried out in the work order already issued.

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