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How to create a new meter?
How to create a new meter?
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To create a new meter, click on the add symbol, which is located at the bottom right corner of the window.

Then, the system will display a new window where you’ll need to complete certain information on the general tab:

  • Depends on another meter: Option that allows you to indicate whether said meter depends on the reading of a parent meter.

  • Is Part of: Option that allows the meter to be linked to the asset whose readings need to be recorded.

  • Sensor/Meter Description: Name that the meter or sensor will have within the system.

  • Serial: Option that allows you to add the serial number associated with the meter (not required)

  • Unit: Catalog in which the measurement unit of the readings must be selected.

  • Is a counter / accumulator: Option that allows you to define whether the meter is an accumulator or a non-accumulator. If this option is enabled, the system will show other options for the meter’s historical record (Last recorded value, calculate average, latest value record date).

Finally, after completing the required information, click the “Save” option to create the meter in the system.

Note: New meters can also be created from the task plans module, when an asset is linked to said plan, as long as the plan is subject to a trigger or a subtask that records a meter.

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