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How to create a rule in the Dispatcher?
How to create a rule in the Dispatcher?
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To create a new rule, you must Access the Dispatcher module, then you must click on the add option, located at the bottom right corner of the window, to open a window where you can set the parameters for the rule you want to create.

In this window you’ll find the following three tabs:


Tab made up of a series of options that will allow you to choose on which module, submodule and event to establish the rule in question, and you’ll also be able to add the name you want in the description field.

You should consider that once you’ve completed the information in the general tab, you’ll need to click the save option to access the following Conditions and Actions tabs.

Note: To see the possible combinations that can be made to generate a rule, see the section What kind of rules can you create?


Tab where you can indicate whether said rule will be subject to conditions. If the rule has a condition, it must be added by clicking the add button at the bottom of the window.

Once clicked, a new window will emerge where the available conditions must be added based on the module and the previous options established.


In this tab you’ll be able to add the actions that must be performed on the platform after the rule is fulfilled. For example, you can choose which email or email group to send notifications to. To add these actions, you need to click the add button at the bottom right corner of the screen:

Then, the system will show a new window where you can add the available actions, which must be based on the module you’re working on.

Note: After making any kind of edit, make sure to save your changes to implement them.

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