Key performance indicators
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At Fracttal there are 4 types of fundamental indicators in all maintenance management:

  • Availability for maintenance

  • Availability by failures

  • Mean time between failures

  • Mean time to repair

The system will allow you to apply advanced filters for better analysis.

In this way, the overall results can be visualized, together with the details and formulas on which the calculation of these indicators is based.


The following aspects must be taken into consideration for the calculation and formulation of the indicators:

  • Total hours in period (HTP): Corresponds to the total hours evaluated in the period of time (this data comes out of the filter by date range) in which the indicator is being evaluated by the number of hours of average daily use of the assets evaluated (this data comes out of the general file of each asset).

  • Summation stop hours for maintenance : Corresponds to the actual downtime of the asset that is recorded in the Planned WOs.

  • Summation stop hours by breakdowns: Corresponds to the out-of-service time recorded in the Unplanned tasks.

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