Task analysis
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In this sub-module there are 4 types of graphs that will allow you to analyze the fulfillment of tasks, WO's, among other options that we will show below:

Scheduled Tasks in WOs vs Finnished Tasks in WOs

Bar chart, which allows you to quickly contrast the work orders that have been scheduled versus those that have been completed according to their date.

Compliance planned tasks

Bar-type graph, which allows you to quickly compare compliance month by month based on the tasks that have been planned, scheduled and completed, bearing in mind that these tasks are not cumulative (tasks are not extrapolated to subsequent months), since it is a chart of monthly task completion.

Scheduled vs. Unplanned Tasks

Pie chart where the number of scheduled versus unplanned tasks can be compared as a percentage.

Types of Tasks

Pareto Diagram which allows to graphically classify the information in percentage and numerical form in order to highlight which are the types of tasks with the greatest impact on task management.

Note: All these graphs can be analyzed in detail by clicking on "See More", where the system will display a table with a detailed description of what is shown in the graphs.

In addition, all the information displayed in the module can be exported using the additional options menu that accompanies each graph and table.

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