To test the functionalities of the FRACTTAL API, you must have installed a web REST service query program with Hawk authentication.
One of those programs is POSTMAN (Google Chrome extension); with which we will carry out this example.
In order to create the query you need to have your ID and PASSWORD to Access your Fracttal API (It’s an account per company and if you don’t have it, you can request it from [email protected]).


  1. Identify what kind of query you are going to perform:

  • GET : Information query

  • POST: Creation of a new record

  • UPDATE: Update of the record

  • DELETE: Removal of the record.

2. Enter the name of the URL of the web service you are going to execute (EndPoint)

3. Select authentication type : Hawk Authentication

4. Enter the id and authentication key for Fracttal API

5. Click Send

At the bottom of the Postman, in the Body, we can see the response from the web service

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