Fracttal API , refers to all information and functionalities that Fracttal API has on its website

User Fractal API, Unique Fracttal user assigned to a company to make use of the Fracttal API Services.

Third Party (Developer), Developers or Websites programmers or applications that, under a Fracttal User authorization have access to a Fracttal API.

The Expressions: Fracttal, we, our, Fracttal Web, refers to Fracttal SPA Solutions or subsidiary companies.


The terms and conditions of the Fracttal API service are complementary to the terms and conditions of the Fracttal application.

The terms and conditions that are part of this section apply to any use of Fracttal API by:

Fracttal Users and
Third Party (Developer)
Any functionality or implementation developed through the Fracttal API (Fracttal API Implementations) is subjected to the terms present in this publication.

The Fracttal API service is available for the plans that offer Integrations APIs, learn here about the available plans. Fracttal API it’s available in two modes. Fracttal API Basic which doesn’t have additional cost to the plan value of the plan to which you are subscribed and Fracttal API advanced which offers advanced characteristics and is marketed as an additional Add-on.

By using Fracttal API, you acknowledge and accept that FRACTTAL API, is based on web REST services and the data transfer format it supports is JSON. All the responses are sent in that format, and therefore the requests must be sent in that format. REST is a set of well-defined operations that apply to all resources of the HTTP standard, itself define a small set of operations, the most important of which are POST, GET, PUT y DELETE. These are equated to CRUD operations in databases, therefore by Fracttal API you accept the responsibility of being able to Create, Read, Update or Delete any information from your database. By using Fracttal API you are solely responsible for its use and programs development (including, but not limited to actions and/or claims against you or against others by third parties), including but not limited to the development of its program, the lost or damage of data due to its malfunction, maintenance, the compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations, state, federal and international laws and regulations and all materials that appear in it.

If you are a Fracttal User and you allow a third party (Developer) to Access the integrations APIs of your company to develop any application for your use; these terms apply to such third party and to you, also you are responsible for both parties’ compliance by the policies in this section.

Fracttal ensures the protection of your information in our Fracttal API service, in the case that you want to allow the access to your data by a third party (Developer), you assume responsibility for any use made of this information. Fracttal does not have any kind of responsibility for any use of the data after your approval to share it.

By using the Fracttal API, either as a Fracttal User or a third party (Developer), you accept and show compliance with the terms present in this publication. Fracttal can modify these terms without prior notice. The use of the Fracttal API services after the publication of the new terms constitutes your acceptance of them. If you do not agree with the new Terms you must suspend the use of the Fracttal API services.

Fracttal grants a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license subject to the Fracttal API terms of use. All distribution or commercialization of any product or service developed through the Fracttal API must be previously authorized by Fracttal who reserves the decision to accept it or not.

By using the Fracttal API services you are subject to the following restrictions. You won’t be able to:

  • Perform reverse engineering, reverse, decompile, decrypt, deobfuscate, unmask or disassemble in whole or in part any API, Content or Service.

  • Develop a Fracttal API Implementation, product or service that in Fracttal’s consideration represents competence.

  • Interfering with the proper functioning of the Fracttal API or distribute any Fracttal API Implementation that negatively affects the Fracttal services or another application that uses Fracttal API.

  • Use the credential of another Fracttal User or third party (Developer).
    Hide from Fracttal information about your use of the Fracttal API.

  • Use Fracttal API in association or as content in websites or applications that in the criteria of Fracttal are considered obscene or inappropriate.

  • Use Fracttal API in applications that contains, promote or are connected with spyware, adware or other malicious codes or programs.
    Use Fracttal API in any way or for any purpose that violets the law or the rights of an individual.

  • Attempt to extract or copy information from the base code or from Fracttal Users.

  • Defame or negatively represent Fracttal in your Fracttal API Implementation.

  • Use Fracttal API for any use that attempts to replace or replicate the user experience or the functionality of Fracttal.

  • Make efforts or acts that are intended to persuade Fracttal Users to cancel the service.

  • Develop any Fracttal API Implementations that in our opinion oppose or goes against the principles and objectives of Frascttal.

  • By using Fracttal API, you acknowledge and allow Fracttal to establish or modify the maximum number of requests that you can make through our services, the current limit of the use for Fracttal API is 200 Requests per minute. In case there is a change in these values, you will be notified in advance.

Fracttal can at any time monitor your use of Fracttal API with the purpose to ensure the compliance of these terms, you should not interfere or hide information from Fracttal during this process.

By accessing the Fracttal API services, you agree that the use by Fracttal of any Fracttal API Implementation developed by you does not constitute our acceptance of the terms required for its use. Fracttal reserves the right to cancel, block and prohibit without prior notification the use of Fracttal API to any Fracttal User or third party (Developer) that we consider breaches or violates the terms described in this section.

Fracttal does not offer or guarantee any availability in the operations of applications developed by you or by a third party (Developer) oh the Fracttal API services. You are solely responsible for providing any technical assistance or maintenance of your Applications. You acknowledge and agree that we have no need to offer or provide any technical support or maintenance to users of your Application(s) and you won’t disclose or imply to any such users that we provide such support and maintenance services.

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