Fracttal offers their clients a service (FRACTTAL API) that allows them to access your company to keep information updated, connect external application and have instant access to your data.
The actions you can do with this API are:

  • Consult Information

  • Insert Information

  • Update Information

  • Delete Information

Some of the functionalities that you can build with FRACTTAL API are:

  • In the warehouse module, update the existence of a specific item.

  • Automatically synchronize your inventory software with Fracttal.

FRACTTAL API, is based on REST web service and the data transfer format that it supports is JSON. All responses are sent in that format, and therefore the requests must be send in that format.
REST is a set-of well defined operations that apply to all the recourses of the HTTP standard, itself define a small set of operations, the most important are POST, GET, PUT y DELETE. The operations are equal to CRUD operations in databases (In Spanish: Create, Read, Update, Delete).
Currently with FRACTTAL API you can Access the following information:




Method HTTP



Create an item from the warehouse
Update an item from the warehouse
Delete an item from the warehouse
View an item from the warehouse

POST /api/inventories
PUT /api/inventories/:code
DELETE /api/inventories/:code
GET /api/inventories/:code

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